Are you always conscious of the fragility of the spectacle lens you are wearing when active in sports and outdoor activities? What if your occupation places you under constant exposure to moving objects? Isn't it time you consider a superior lens material that is tough enough to withstand the highest impact yet gives you the best clarity?

High impact resistance for optimum safety
Stringent tests demonstrated that when a 1kg steel ball is dropped on a Phoenix Lens at a height of 127mm, the lens remained intact. This extreme impact resistance feature makes Phoenix a safe material especially for children, the athletes and workers who are at risk to moving objects.

Drop ball test results(a steel bearing is dropped from 127mm from ground and its impact on Phoenix lenses)

Super Light, Thin and clear
Most impact resistance lenses come with a lot of distortion as demonstrated in the stress/distortion test. Phoenix lens has very little distortion; it provides exceptional clarify and sharp vision. At a refractive index of 1.53 and specific gravity of just 1.11, Phoenix is so light that it almost floats on water.
Tensile strength
As there is no frame support in 3-piece or rimless fittings, the chances of lens breakage are high. Phoenix material can withstand between 130-180 lbs of pulling force making it that best choice for maximum protection in three-piece frame mounting
Phoenix material is tensile. Suitable for three-piece frame mounting

Fashionable, optical perfection with UV protection
Phoenix material provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB and it can also be supplied in a variety of fashion tints. In addition, Phoenix lenses are very easy to clean. They are not damaged by solution containing alcohol, acetone, hair spray or other aggressive substances.

Material Index Specific Gravity Abbe No. Heat Resistant Pulling Force Residual Test
CR 39 1.50 1.32 58 60-70'c 10-20kg Good
Phoenix 1.53 1.11 43 90'c 60kg Good
Eyas 1.60 1.32 41 110'c 60-80kg Good
Eyry 1.70 1.41 36 85'c 50-60kg Good